New Hyundai CRETA

Driving Lesson Tips for the Independent Section Of The Driving Test

Independent driving was not introduced to make things harder for you to pass your driving test, what it is simply doing is making you think and plan in advance. So let’s look at what it actually involves.

Free Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

There are always more ways to save on fuel, even if gasoline is more affordable than it has been in a long time. Small changes in habit, coupled with a few precautions, can help you set aside more money for other exciting ventures in life!

A Man and His Ute – A Modern Day Love Affair

What is it about the mighty Ute? Is it because they’re half car, half machine, and general all around beasts? Is it because they’re the most useful car you’ll ever own? Is it because your mates will always be owing you favors when they need to move houses? Is it because a dog is always happier in the back of a Ute than they are in a car?

Filling Up Your Vehicle With The Wrong Fuel – Advice From the Emergency Breakdown Experts

Accidentally filling up a vehicle with the wrong fuel type is indeed a commonly occurring situation and the number of incidents is on the rise according to industry experts. More often than not, the problem is with unleaded petrol being put into a diesel vehicle as the standard petrol fuel nozzle on a big name forecourt is smaller than a standard diesel fuel tank aperture. Putting diesel into a petrol fuel tank is much less common as the forecourt pump diesel nozzle is larger than a standard unleaded fuel tank aperture and so the potential mistake can be detected before any fuel is introduced to the vehicle.

How to Choose Between Car Dealers

There are so many car dealers out there that choosing the right one for your own automobile needs can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider and attributes to look for in a dealership when you decide to purchase a vehicle.

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