Designing an underseat subwoofer box! #shorts

Driverless Vehicles Are On Their Way

Driverless cars are due to be tested on public roads by the conclusion of 2013, says the UK government. So far, Great Britain trials of the autonomous vehicles have taken place solely on non-public land. Driverless cars are radio-controlled by a system of sensors and cameras and are seen as much safer and a lot more economical than regular vehicles.

Preparing Your Car for Sale – Tips From a Car Mechanic

Whenever you decide to sell your car, you should make sure to maximise the money that you will get for the car. A car mechanic, who is very well known for servicing different types of vehicles and brands, has provided the following tips to make the most of your sale. Fix Any Obvious Damages You must make sure that you fix any broken items, especially those that are easy to spot, like the mirrors and the headlights.

Top Tips on Buying Used Cars

When you are trying to purchase used cars, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. It can be difficult to sort out the more essential rules from the less so, which is why we’ve put together a list. As long as you follow our basic guidelines, you will find buying used cars easy, affordable and most importantly fun.

Are Hybrids A Long and Sturdy Bridge to the Future Of Transportation?

So, what is the future going to bring us in the automotive sector? Boy are things changing fast, we see all sorts of new technologies, and promises of even more. Still, the sales for all-electrics are not all that good, and whereas, hybrids are selling okay, they are a bit pricey. Yes, for good reason, as they generally have two systems in one or two-partial systems in one. Murphy’s Law predicts that the more complicated your system gets, the more things which can go wrong – sure we all know that makes sense right?

Review of the Honda Activa i 2013

Honda’s Activa has maintained a stranglehold on the scooter market since the last many years. We take a look at the new Honda Activa i to know whether it upholds the standards of its predecessor or not.

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