Amplifier Wiring Kits Explained – Don’t forget these other tools too!

Towing Service: Why You Will Need It

Keeping a towing service number in your phone and glove compartment is a very practical thing to do. If you have the number available, you can be assured of help when you need it. Sooner or later, everyone does.

Maximizing Your Auto Repair Dollars

To keep your car running well for a long time, keep a few things in mind when it comes to auto repair costs. Find a good mechanic, fix things promptly, and don’t skimp on quality.

Dirt Track Auto Racing Season Is Here

Dirt track auto racing season is here in Western PA. Come and watch your favorite dirt track racers at tracks like Roaring Knob and Dog Hollow Speedways.

Shipping Cars Across the Country

Shipping a car or truck can be expensive, difficult and stressful. It can also be much more affordable than buying a new car if you are moving. If you are planning on shipping your car or truck there are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting a shipping company. Know what to look for and which questions to ask before you waste money and risk the safety of your vehicle.

What Is the Volvo S60 Challenge?

Have you, as of late taken the Volvo S60 challenge? This challenge was first started by Volvo as a way of comparing two similar sedans; the Audi’s A4 and the Volvo S60 sports sedan. This is how the challenge works: Anytime you go to a Volvo dealership and give an S60 a test drive, when you will notice for yourself all the ways it is better than the A4. Here is what is even more interesting – in case you are not completely sold on the S60 and still want the A4, Volvo will pick up your first payment. That is how sure Volvo dealerships are about the S60 being the better choice; they are willing to “put their money where their mouth is.” Before you run to the closest Volvo showroom to take the S60 test drive, take a gander at this Swedish automakers amazing sports sedan and the reason no other competitor, including the Audi A4 can compare.

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