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Fuel Card Services: What To Expect

For any business owner, managing costs carefully is essential. From employees to daily outgoings; there are many money matters to consider if a business is to ensure it is able to keep its head firmly above water. For businesses with any form of travel be it deliveries and drop offs or staff members constantly moving between offices, you’ll no doubt be aware of just how difficult fuel costs can be to manage.

The Best Mileage Cars in India

While buying a car in India, parameters such as space, comfort, features, drivability and performance take a back seat. Fuel efficiency becomes the main criteria for buyers. Obsession for high-fuel efficient cars in not just restricted to hatchbacks, but luxury cars, too.

Why Stick Shifts Vehicles Aren’t Going Anywhere

In the United States, sales of manual transmission vehicles have lagged for years. Some might say it’s because Americans love automatic transmission cars that mesh well with other aspects of culture’s focus on convenience. But while such cars certainly make life a little easier and provide many advantages, discerning drivers continue to buy standard transmission models for their unique advantages.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cars Online

Used cars under $10, 000 are available on web portals and classifieds to help you purchase your choice of car at an economical rate. Buy used classic cars and other cars online safely and easily.

Boy, It’s Been 5 Years Since Cash for Clunkers?

Boy, time sure does fly when you are reliving bad memories. The summer of 2009 brought many wholesalers (such as myself) with the government-funded Cars Allowance Rebate System, or Cash for Clunkers, to their proverbial knees. If memory serves, the whole new-car industry was down, not topping 10 million in sales in 2008, and the economy was in a general malaise, if not free-fall.

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