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Checks to Do Before Buying a Luxury Used Car

Buying a second hand luxury car offers the best value for money available. It stops you throwing money away on purchasing a brand new car that loses its value immediately.

Three of the Most Fuel Efficient MPVs Currently Available

An incredibly popular choice amongst motorists with large families, or even just those that want a car with that extra element of versatility, multi-purpose vehicles, or MPVs as they are more commonly known, vary quite significantly in size. For example, larger MPVs like the Mercedes-Benz Viano (or the V-Class depending on which country you buy it in) boasts the appearance of a commercial panel van crossed with a people carrier. Others, such as Citroen’s sleek five-seat offering, the C4 Picasso, look more like up-scaled takes on many of the hatchback models currently available on the market.

2013 Honda Accord Car Review

Take a closer look at the 2013 Accord and all American-made cars skepticism will immediately moult off. It should seem that Honda made the most hay while the sun shone at the previous models, and when the sun will shine no more then the 2013 Accord’s lights will. The Accord has always been on the top 10 best-selling cars of all time, and the newly designed model for 2013 will not put a dent to these statistics. With a roomy interior, superb mileage and an incredible CVT automatic transmission this car is undeniably on the fun-to-drive side of the ledger.

Windscreens: Proper Maintenance for Safe Driving

Windscreens are important for your safety, as these provide overall protection from potential risks and accidents. As such, your windscreen also needs regular maintenance. Read on to know more about windscreen maintenance.

Are Hybrid Cars The Future?

Engineers are developing engines that can run on other sources of energy but still have the range of a traditional petrol or diesel driven vehicle and they have come up with the hybrid engine. So what is a Hybrid car? In simple terms, it is a vehicle that has 2 sources of power which can be either battery or fuel.

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