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Disqualified From Driving? What Happens Next? Part Two

Part two of this series covers retrieval of a bus or lorry driving licence after disqualification. Article covers the process of re-booking your theory test and practical driving exam.

Disqualified From Driving? What Happens Next? Part One

What you need to do to get back on the road if you have been disqualified from driving. Article covers the court decision making process and the steps you need to take to get your licence back.

Finding the Right Vehicle on a Long Term Basis

Finding the right car to fit your needs can be difficult, especially if you cannot afford to purchase it outright. Luckily, it is now possible to hire a vehicle on a long term basis.

Buy or Lease?

One of the biggest choices people need to make when it comes to the financial portion of new vehicle sales is if the buyer would prefer to buy the vehicle outright, or sign on to lease the vehicle. Some auto financial experts say there isn’t much of a difference financially, that it’s more of a lifestyle choice. However, that only applies to certain circumstances, and it’s really a good idea to look into both choices depending on what works best for your personal lifestyle and financial situation.

Prevent Dangerous Driving With IVMS / GPS Tracking / Telematics

As an employer, it’s not only important to ensure the safety of all employees on the road, but to prevent any unnecessary costs associated with dangerous or careless driving. Find out how IVMS is aiding many businesses in preventing dangerous driving.

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