Installing speakers? These techniques make a BIG difference!

How Do You Find Out the Trade in Value of Your Car?

Many people do not know where to start when trying to find out what their trade is worth. With so many resources on the web, it is enough to confuse the most savvy of customers.

Can I Use Biodiesel in My Diesel Engined Car?

Ever wanted to know whether you can save money and help the environment with few or no modifications to your existing diesel engined vehicle?. Well biodiesel may be just the ticket to helping you achieve these goals. Our article describes bio diesel and where it can be used.

Myths and Facts in Relation to Using Bio Diesel in a Diesel Fueled Car

Are you interested in using Biodiesel in your Diesel engined car?. Here we clear up a few mis-understandings and separate scaremongering from actual facts in relation to using biodiesel as an alternative fuel in your car

How To Get New Cars From Your Target Market

The Domestic Market is a virtual treasure trove of cars both new and used as well as car parts which appeal to a wide range of markets, ranging from car enthusiasts to businessmen. New cars can run the gamut from the luxury sports cars to refrigerated trucks.

Donation From VW for $50,000 to Surfrider Foundation

Every year during the first week of August Television viewers will tune into the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which is a program that is full of new shark related features, similar to the impact on sharks global warming is having, sharks and shark attacks people caught on video and the mock documentary about Megalodon, the prehistoric shark. American based Volkswagen was also there as both Shark Week’s fundraising and presenting sponsor for two years in a row. So, as you were watching the many great programs that all helped to make up Shark Week 2013, the paragraphs below will show you what else Volkswagen did on social media and behind the scenes.

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