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Distracted Driving Tips For Seniors and Teens

Distracted driving is a serious problem among senior and teenage drivers. The following piece explains the causes of distracted driving and offers tips on how to avoid it.

What Is a Field Sobriety Test?

A field sobriety test is one of the several tests that police officers administer to determine drivers’ blood alcohol levels. This is an article about how a field sobriety test looks like.

Top Tips for Maintaining Fuel Efficiency

Many of us find that we are visiting the fuel station more often than we would like, and with rising fuel costs it is certainly an area to address when trying to save money. These top tips for driving efficiently are key to reducing fuel wastage, which will reduce the cost of fuel and also help the environment.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Relying on the Services of the Auto Locksmiths

A locksmith is a highly skilled and qualified person who is equipped with the very latest high-tech tools and machinery necessary for helping to decode the most modern security locks on the road vehicles. If you are in a situation where you are locked out of the vehicle, have a key that has snapped in the door or ignition slot, or having problems with the immobilizer system, a reputable locksmith service is able to resolve most problems within a short period of arriving at your location.

The New Porsche 911 Turbo With 520 Horsepower and Forged Wheels

The Porsche 911 Turbo has been an automotive icon for 40 years. Now, the German automaker has unveiled its newest 911 Turbo with 520 horsepower, forged wheels, and advanced technology.

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