How to make any car stereo android

All You Wanted to Know About Tiago – The Latest Offering From Tata Motors

Featuring a fresh design language and some trendy specs, the Tata Tiago is all set to hit the Indian roads. Read on for more details about this new hatchback from the house of the popular auto manufacturer.

4 Essential Tips to Follow While Driving With Your Children

You may one of those who often drive your car all the way to your workplace and often take along your children to their school or simply out on an outing. As you are the one in charge of driving, your children are your responsibility.

When To Have Your Wheel Bearings Repaired Or Replaced

Detecting worn-out wheel bearings is not a difficult task. There are tell-tale signs that you should be on the look-out for so that you can have the necessary repair or replacement carried out immediately.

6 Tips You Must Follow to Avoid Accidents

Several statistics have proved that teens aged from 15 to 19 are most prone to accidents. The main reason for it is most recklessness because teenagers these days have no respect for traffic rules and regulations. Yes, sure some accidents are unavoidable, but there are also some that can be avoided if the driver is a bit more careful. It goes without saying that it is imperative for any driver to be responsible behind the wheel.

Innovative Parking Solutions Helping With Parking Issues

Parking issues can be a menace and most of the time creates a lot of havoc. The government is flooded with complaints as soon as a situation crops up. Instead of calling for help and relying completely on policies some communities use certain creative steps to curb the parking menace.

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