JL Audio’s Full Cadillac Build is PACKED with AMAZING DETAIL!

4 Questions to Ask When Starting a Logistics Company

Starting a logistics company can be easy, but being successful is another matter. To remain competitive, there are some questions you should consider.

View Cars for Sale to Find the Vehicle of Your Dreams

Take proactive steps when you are looking at the cars for sale that fit your budget and meet your needs. Doing the best research can help you find the car of your dreams.

Caring for Your Commercial Vehicle

You use your commercial vehicle everyday and taking care of it is an important part of keeping it running in top form. Read on to understand why car maintenance is important.

A Guide To Vehicle Tracking With Fleet Management Software

Maintaining and organising fleet vehicles, field personnel or other assets is impossible without a reliable centralised system accessible at all levels of the business. Luckily these systems do exist and are referred to as fleet management software or vehicle tracking systems. There are a number of solutions available and these have been developed to handle all aspects of managing and maintaining a fleet as well as personnel and job dispatching. Each comes with a raft of features and capabilities making it difficult to choose a solution.

35W VS 55W HID Conversion Kits: Which One Is Better?

HID conversion kits have been available for quite some time now so there are many different types and styles available to choose from and it may seem very confusing. A common question that gets asked is the difference between a 35W and 55W HID conversion kit. Besides the wattage, there are other differences such as brightness, heat, reliability, and color. Choosing the correct one for your needs is very important and there will be several factors that will play a role in your decision. This article will summarize the differences and provide a clear understanding of these two conversion kits.

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