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An Unforgettable Visit to the Ferrari Factory

The Ferrari factory at Maranello is like a small city. It consists of large rectangular buildings of metal and glass exteriors, with a modern but discreet.

Brand New Audi TT for 2014 Looking Sportier Than Ever

Various screenshots have been circulating online regarding shots taken of the brand new Audi TT model set for a 2014 release. Although the vehicle has not yet currently been confirmed by the German automakers, it is being said that this is definitely the model in question. It shares the same sort of style apparently as previous big selling TT models available to consumers around the world, but comes with a lot more features and reducing body weight allowing a more dynamic and agile driving experience and performance handling.

How to Ship Your Car to Australia

When planning your move to Australia there are loads of things that you will need to get sorted before you leave for your new home. And if you are planning to take your car with you then that can add a whole new level of complication onto the matter but with this handy little article I plan to help you understand exactly what you need to do before shipping your vehicle over to Australia. The first thing to do before you start looking for a car shipping company to deliver your car, is you should go ahead…

The Detroit City Economic Disaster Considered From the Outside Looking In

The taxpayers bailed out General Motors (private company) and specifically their union, but held short on bailing out the City of Detroit, also with a union. This makes us think for a second, and yet, General Motors (GM) paid back the taxpayers all but $10 Billion. If the US Government had bailed out Detroit would it have ever paid back those funds? Probably not, they simply do not have the tax base or income and they were so utterly deep in debt, there is no sense in even debating that, although some draw the comparison. Let’s talk.

How to Make Sure You End Up With a Great Deal on Your Car Tyres

Tyre shoppers can be categorized into two; buyers who want to buy tyres for performance and those who just want to get something rubber, round and dependable which will get them safely on the road. For the second kind of tyre shopper, buying tyres is more about numbers, where maintenance, mileage and long-term cost are their main priorities. If you wish to get the best deal on tyres, just read on.

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