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BMW 525d – Power, Luxury and Great Gas Mileage

BMW has noticed areas where it was falling behind in the diesel market and has developed a series of automobiles that will establish them as a force in the diesel sedan market. Broadening their established line into the other series will ensure that they become a player among the other high end luxury companies that have an established line of diesel powered vehicles.

Cadillac BLS Wagon Is Roomy and Sporty

Cadillac has designed a car that will suit younger buyers looking for something different and older drivers who are looking for a vehicle that offers them more cargo space. There is something in the BLS Wagon that every age group will find attractive.

Fighting the DUI/DWI Tickets

DUI/DWI is a serious violation of civil and traffic law and considered to be a felony in many States. Leaving your DUI/DWI case as is, without proper legal defense can be very costly for you. This article provides you with valuable defense tips and tricks along with a general guidance and professional advice shared by practicing DUI lawyers with real experience in defending DUI/DWI cases in the court of law.

Oil Change Tips for Your Much Loved Motor Vehicle

Knowing when to get an oil change for your vehicle can help you to maintain it properly. This will increase the longevity of your car’s engine and will save you money in the long run.

The Rise of Korean Car Industries

An article that features Korean cars, and how it is slowly owning the automotive industry. Although it is far from matching the top English brands, but it sure has improved a lot and will soon take a bigger chunk of the market’s income.

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