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Ending Your Car Engine Sludge Problem: Remedies That Work!

Your car engine sludge problem is a bummer deal! New car care ant-wear products will end your dirty engine problem and have your motor purring good as new in short order. And, the good news is that you can do it yourself without getting your hands dirty. Here’s why it happened. Specific products to use. Engine damaging products to stay away from.

Used Cars Pros and Cons

This article is about used cars and their advantages and disadvantages. It also gives tips and advice about buying them to facilitate good decision-making.

What Is the Average Speed Your Car Has Traveled Before You Bought It?

The other day, I was down near the port, and a giant ship came in from across the ocean. It was filled with cars from Asia. The ship traveled across the ocean at about 12 knots, no, not very fast, you might even call the slow boat from China. Each car was then driven off the ship several miles to a big parking lot. The cars will wait there until they are loaded on a train and ship to specific dealerships in different parts of the country here in the US.

How Many Miles Does the Average Car Have On It Before You Buy It?

The other day, I was at Starbucks and someone trolled up in a brand-new car. It was a car made in South Korea, but it was extremely nice, elegant, and had I not seen the emblem, I would’ve sworn it was a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, or some other luxury car. When I complemented the gentleman about his car, we started talking. He told me when he bought it at the dealership that it had 55 miles on it.

Experience the Best Driving Routes in Scandinavia

Magnificent mountains, incredible coastlines, fishing villages, fjords and small towns are some of what your eyes will behold on this amazing adventure. It might sound more like a trip through middle Earth but actually it is a trip more toward the top of the Earth through the northern portion of Europe called Scandinavia, which is mostly made up of Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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