HOW TO – Electrical System Design for 3 AMPLIFIER + DSP Car Audio System!

C30 Hatchback From Volvo

Combine sport with class and you get the new C30 hatchback from Volvo. It has a sleek style, ample space inside of the vehicle for four, a turbo-charged engine, modern flair inside of the vehicle and Volvo’s Intelligent Vehicle Architecture. To top it off, you can get this ride starting at just $25,500.

Why The 2014 Mazda3 Should Be Your First New Car Purchase

Are you in the market for your first new car? If you are a tech-savvy car buyer who is unwilling to make any sacrifices, the 2014 Mazda3 is should be your first new car purchase. Mazda understands that the automotive industry is changing. The new 2014 Mazda3 offers everything that modern drivers expect at a price that is right for everyone. Compact, fuel efficient and affordable no longer means that you have to have a cheap feeling, uninspiring vehicle.

How to Practice Driving With Your Teen

Teaching your teen to drive can be a scary thing. After all, the only way you can control the car is to use your voice and rely on an inexperienced driver, who has never had to operate a three thousand pound machine before. You will find yourself over and over wanting to hit what driving experts call an “air brake”. And practicing in live traffic will be even more mentally taxing, for you and your teen. This article intends to provide tips and ideas to help you teach your teen. Remember that your teen is a person, and in order for people to succeed they need to be taught to, not dictated.

Harmful Effects of Ethanol in Fuel

You may like it or not, but ethanol is going to stay in our lives for a while. Even though it helps reducing the pollution, it can adversely affect the fuel efficiency of vehicles. If you hear people talking about E10 as a fuel, they are in fact referring to a formulation containing 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline.

Is It Time for the Mobile Oil Change Business to Go Robotic?

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance about the mobile oil change sector and how to increase the productivity. We discussed the oil evacuation strategy, he was unsure if this was the “best way” to do things as some oil might never get out of the motor during the change. The way I see it; I am not against Oil Evacuation Systems, if the oil is hot and all drained into the pan, you’d be surprised how well these systems work, some work better than draining the oil.

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