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Top 4 EV Cars in the US Auto Industry

While the world plunges into the darkness of economic downfall, and gasoline prices hike up, the electric cars are out and the global auto industry is not shaken by the effects of financial crises. Although the US car industry has suffered a lot and the gradual decrease in the overall sales of the auto vehicles has alarmed many companies, the innovative idea of EV’s has revolutionized the business arenas too.

Curb Appeal: Appeal to Home Buyers in Your Area

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in selling your home. If it looks bad from the outside, potential buyers and real estate agents will assume it looks bad on the inside.

When Do You Need Transmission Maintenance?

There may be a time when you will need to have transmission maintenance. Your car will be able to tell you by the way it drives when this will need to get done.

Who Uses GPS Vehicle Tracking and Its Uses?

This type of system, in general, is attached to a vehicle and it tracks where the vehicle is and where it has been. It allows owners to know at all times where their vehicles are. This is very beneficial to certain people such as business owners with some kind of vehicle fleet or even to parents to put on their teenager’s cars they drive.

Vehicle Safety Alert: Faded Plastic Headlights Can Be Very Dangerous!

Do all plastic headlights fade? The answer is yes! Due to UV exposure, the plastic lenses on all headlight assemblies will become cloudy in time. There is just no way around it! If a plastic headlight lens is exposed to the sun, it will eventually get cloudy and fade…

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