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Porsche 996 – The Most Unloved 911 Carrera

In 1998 Porsche released the 996 model, which was a monumental change in their legendary 911 Carrera series, they switched from an air-cooled to a water-cooled engine. This big change has made this the most unloved Porsche 911 to date.

Minimize the Dangers of Car Accidents in the Snow

Becoming stuck in snow is easy, but getting out is far more difficult. When snow and bad weather is involved, the chances of a minor car accident turning into a major problem are high. With the necessary knowledge, drivers can minimize dangers associated with car accidents in winter weather.

Keeping Safe in Crowded Parking Lots

Parking in crowded areas is a major headache for most drivers. The constant battle for open spaces can bring tremendous frustration and introduce the threat of accidents to everyone struggling for a spot. By taking a more careful approach with more time set aside to find a space, you can arrive safely at your destination without having to fight with other drivers or deal with a collision.

Automobile Aftermarket Industry Rules United States

How the automobile aftermarket changed the economy of US market and what are the websites which provide good quality resources for your automobiles. Find out more about it in this article.

Mileage: What Does It Really Mean To Your Cheap Used Car

If you are searching for used cars but have little money to spend, it is likely that the cars you will be able to afford will have high mileage. Does this mean that you are going to be stuck with a piece of junk that breaks down every other day? Not necessarily.

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