Tata punch modified with Nippon 360 degree camera | Nippon 9 pro ultra | 360 camera installation

Introducing the Most Affordable Hyundai I20 Motion

Hyundai has announced the launch of its much anticipated i20 Motion. With improved safety features and vehicle peripherals this car is a must have motor for 2013.

What It Means To Have Auto Insurance In New Jersey

New Jersey has long been known to be one of the few states in the USA with the most expensive auto insurance. This situation has even caused residents to consider moving to another state. At present however, change has arrived and New Jersey car insurance cost has transformed to one that’s similar to those of other states which makes it possible to get cheap car insurance in New Jersey.

Quick Tips to Take Care of Your Car During Winter?

The car that one drives is very much important in his life. It can take you to work and bring you back to home and it also helps you in many other affairs as well. So this is I think enough to show you the importance of your car.

Searching for Treasure on the Service Drive

There is treasure hiding in your service department. It’s actually hidden in plain sight. The hidden treasure is your service customer who may be in need of an extended warranty or other F&I product that you are not offering them. So the profit potential remains hidden to you. But make no mistake – it IS there.

How To Get Car Insurance When You’re A Woman

Being a woman has its disadvantages and advantages. But below, you’ll only get to know of one of the top advantages that comes with being a woman – affordable auto insurance.

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