LED lights installed in new THAR

Why You Should Install a Car Alarm

Security is one of the things people value most. It is actually in the second tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We do not just apply it ourselves, but to the people close to us and our possessions as well. There is no question about our level of protectiveness when it comes to our loved ones.

CPO Sales – Breaking Records Again

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have become an increasingly popular option for the modern-day car shopper. The numbers tell me that we are hitting and breaking historical records in CPO sales nationwide.

A Christmas Car Gift For Mom

For those people out there struggling to get their Mom the perfect gift this Christmas, why not get her some car accessories? Things for the car are often something that people need, but find themselves never purchasing.

A Car Lover’s Christmas Gift: What Can I Buy For Mom?

The news is full of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. That must mean it is time to find and purchase Christmas gifts.

Keeping Safe on the Road With Accident Avoidance Technologies

Accident avoidance technologies like frontal collision warnings and blind spot detection give drivers the added ability to remain safe on the road. These systems can offer important information about the road ahead, and of dangers that would otherwise go unseen. However, the effectiveness of these systems still depends on safe driving techniques from drivers. This advanced technology is not an excuse to take your focus off of the road ahead.

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