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LEDs: The Future of Automotive Lighting!

Gone are the days when the obsolete incandescent bulbs ruled the automotive lighting industry. It’s time to go hi-tech! It’s time to go the LED way! Light emitting diodes or LEDs, as they are commonly referred, are a type of transistor which emits highly directional light whenever current is passed through it. These highly advanced lighting devices have a large number of advantages over conventional light bulbs.

Benefits of All Wheel Drive Vehicles

If you are like me, the worst nightmare a driver can have while driving on wet surface is losing grip in slippery conditions. This can make you consider buying an all-wheel drive vehicle.

When to Change Your Brake Pads

The brakes of a car are the most essential parts when a car is moving. This is because I cannot imagine a different means that would naturally and smoothly stop my Mercedes when am doing 180 on the freeway when I choose to as the brakes do.

Car Velocity – Useful Info

Car velocity refers to the speed at which a vehicle moves per time. It’s used in measuring the rate of movement according to given standards. Normally, the standard unit of measurement used is often expressed in meters or centimeters. It’s also measured on “per second” basis.

The Best Car Events in Europe

This article is a preview of some of the most popular car fairs that are held in Europe. All sorts of vehicles are displayed at these shows, from vintage cars, to roadsters, to motorcycles, all the way to trucks.

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