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Me And Mercedes – A Personal View

I dare not review a motorcar; I don’t have the automotive expertise or knowledge, though I’ve been able to drive plenty of them. In this article I am reflecting on the Mercedes marque in general, and a fifteen year old E240 in particular – nothing technical, just some musings!

Just What Is It About Fords? A Personal View

Say ‘Ford’ and several names and images come to mind: mass production; the ‘Model T’; the name ‘Henry’ and the iconic signature style Logo. For my generation, growing up in the Seventies, ‘Capri’ and ‘Escort’, are names that stay with us, as are windy words like Zephyr and Cortina for the Sixties folk. Ford cars are ubiquitous, and their images sustained, and a few have popped up during my life.

I Always Wanted A Volvo: A Personal View

When you spend any time at all on Swedish roads, there are a number of things that will strike you over the first several kilometres/miles of (mostly) pleasurable motoring between the rocks and trees that make up that wonderful country. Being half Swedish (there, I’ve shown my cards early on in this piece – I have a natural bias towards the yellow and blue), I have been fortunate to visit my Motherland on a number of occasions, both on business (Automotive) and pleasure (eating, drinking, swimming, fishing, hiking), and have driven many miles…

Wheel Aligner Equipment for Sale

Wheel service equipment, also known as tracking, is an important part of vehicle maintenance that includes adjustment of wheel’s angles with the help of a wheel so that they are absolutely set to the specification of the car maker. These adjustments from time to time will ensure that your tires don’t wear out sooner than their life and the vehicle travel is straight without pulling on to the other sides. Alignment angles can also be altered in specifications that are beyond the maker’s recommendations so that a specific handling characteristic can be attained.

Just What Is It About Skodas? A Personal View

I passed my driving test in 1982 in Swindon. I remember my instructor, Terry, taking my around the ‘Magic Roundabout’, near the County Ground, and through Old Town, learning the test routes. I remember Terry urging me to keep my eyes on the road whilst commenting on the young ladies of the town, and the appropriateness (or otherwise) of some of the fashions of the day.

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