Polo with Nippon android stereo and blaupunkt DH02 reverse camera

How to Secure Your Payment While Importing the Vehicle From Japan?

Payment security is the basic need while importing anything from anywhere. It serves as the base of developing trust and worthiness among the importers internationally. The buyer needs to be well aware and fully informed about the dealer before making any payment transaction.

Extravagant Amenities Offered By Luxury Car Dealerships

If you are looking to begin driving a luxury vehicle, there are certain features you absolutely must inquire about from each of the car dealerships you visit. This comprehensive list walks you through the top three features every quality vehicle must have.

Behind the Scenes at Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are a curious type of business. Learning about what goes on behind the scenes can help you confidently negotiate your next new vehicle purchase.

Tips for Cleaning Seatbelt Buckles and Plastic Components

It is a fact that the webbing of car seatbelts gets the most dirt due to constant touching and to eating and drinking in the vehicle. However, the buckles and plastic components can sustain heavy dirt marks which are challenging to remove as well. Use some practical cleaning advice which will help you to keep them in perfect condition.

How to Clean Car Seatbelt Webbing Properly

The webbing of car seatbelts is exposed to considerable wear and tear. Additionally, it gets dirty quite quickly due to constant touching and accidents like drink spills. In order to protect it and to ensure that it will work effectively for longer, you need to clean it properly. Here is how to do this.

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