New Creta 2023 turbo grill

Reviewing the Integra Type-R by Honda (’85 to ’06)

From 1985 to 2006, The Integra by Honda lived a substantial and highly-regarded life. It was a high end lavish performance coupe that had been included in Car and Drivers Magazine’s Top 10 list a half-dozen times and the R-Type was referred to as the absolute best ever front wheel drivers car. Prior to going on sale a year later within the luxurious Acura range, the very first generation form of the Integra – just being readily available by way of selected Japanese Honda car dealers – arrived accompanied by whimper.

Winter Driving Advice – The 10 Point Check

Do you know the 10 point check so you don’t run into any trouble on the road during the winter? Read on to learn about the important steps you should check before driving in cold weather.

Cheap Driving Lessons – Are You Really Getting Value for Money?

Are you really saving money learning to drive with a school that offers ‘cheap driving lessons’? Read on to find out that if you dig a little deeper you may find it costs more in the long run.

Buying A Private Registration? Select Your Supplier Wisely

Nowadays, there are actually numerous different ways you’re able to buy a personalised number plate – from online websites to motoring magazines to official Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) public auctions. Figuring out exactly where to purchase your number plate from can be just as confusing as deciding on which registration you’d like to get.

What Is the Difference Between Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering?

When we talk about engineering, it’s easy to forget that the profession is made up of very separate disciplines. The three main engineering branches are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and there are significant differences between them. Civil engineers are concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment we see around us every day.

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