Nippon 7 inches Android stereo

How Autonomous Cars Work

The self-driving technology is stated to be added to several different vehicle models as opposed to just one. It is expected that these vehicles will become collision-free and therefore resulting in zero casualties once they hit the road. Also aspires to make these autonomous vehicles affordable at a realistic price for its consumers, although it’s not yet stated exactly what those ‘affordable’ prices will be.

The Most Popular Vehicles in the School Bus Segment in India

Everyday, all across the world, millions of students use the services of a school bus to reach their institutions. It is imperative that these vehicles offer some additional features that would cater to the requirements of children, guardians, and the school. Below is an insight on the most popular vehicles in this segment.

Dear Car-Makers, Think Beyond Playing Only With Size!

Why I believe compact sedans are making the automotive scene in India dark and hollow. Why I hate compact sedans!

Vehicle Recovery Company: What Should You Look For?

When looking for a vehicle recovery company, you should find one with the right equipment to provide the roadside assistance you need. You also want to keep track of reliability and timeliness.

Audi TT Roadster 2015: Competing Against German Competitors

Summarizing Audi TT Roadster This year’s Audi TT Roadster boasts of versatile handling, user-responsive and equipped with solid grip, apt in maneuvering curves. The versatile vehicle lacks manual transmission capability. More so, the navigation and stereo screen needs improvement.

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