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Auto Driving Safety And Blind Spot Mirrors

Some of the most serious road accidents could be prevented by eliminating the blind spots. Do you know what’s hiding in yours?

What If You Build a Car Wash And No One Shows Up With Their Vehicle to Clean?

The other day I was writing a business plan for a local small business. I was describing my frustration to a friend. Oh the business plan itself was fine, but the economic factors, ObamaCare and other issues would make things tougher than normal. My friend told me that the economy was poor because of rich corporations and the 1% not paying their fair share – yes, my friend is a socialist, but claims to be a democrat, we joke about that a lot actually.

Advice for Improving Gas Mileage

Just by changing a few old habits, you can decrease the amount of fuel your car consumes on a regular basis. Continue reading to learn some quick tips and tricks on improving gas mileage starting today!

A Guide to Inspecting Used Cars

If you’re shopping for used cars, you should do a thorough inspection of any vehicle you plan on buying. Be sure to take the car for a test drive and inspect the exterior, interior, and tires.

How Car Dealerships Operate

Car dealerships are comprised of many different departments: sales, management, service, and finance. The sales staff sells the vehicles and the management oversees the sales staff while the finance department sells warranties, the service staff provides vehicle repair, and maintenance and prepares new cars for the showroom.

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