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Your Choice for a Land Monster

For those who love off-road racing, they would not stay calm when hearing Nissan Patrol. Admittedly, the masterpiece of the Japanese automaker Nissan has its history way back to 1951. And throughout the years, it has already become a symbol of high-spirited racing in the wild. Actually, at the beginning, Nissan Patrol was built for the military use. Only with the ambition to create a durable, go-anywhere and all-purpose vehicle, the Japanese auto maker made the land monster – Nissan Patrol, which finally stunned the world.

A Story for the Australian Automotive Industry

The main aim of this report is to analyze the market conditions for the Australian Automotive Industry, based on competition/ pricing/ marketing strategies. At the start of the report it is clearly defined why the A.A.I. can be broken up into two different sectors, hence this will help us in our further analysis. Furthermore, the writer then moves to describe the Manufacturing sector as an oligopolistic competitive market structure, defining all the characteristics and relating an economic model with the A.A.I. market. The Game Theory model is defined and analyzed as well. The same process is followed for the Import/Sales sector, with the aim of analyzing and defining the sector as a Monopolistically Competitive market structure.

Driving Tips for a Safe Winter

Winter driving can be scary as well as dangerous. One moment of inattention and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. With spring a whole season away, this is a good time to review some expert tips and tricks for staying safe on the road. Here are the top ways to keep yourself, your passengers and your car safe and intact this winter.

Road Emergencies: New Year ‘s Goal

You are in your car and it suddenly dies on a highway. Do you know what button to push in your car in an emergency? Is your car ready for a winter snowstorm? Have you decided on your “one” goal for the New Year?

The Fuel Drop: Too Good To Be True?

For a number of years, drivers throughout the UK have been left flustered, annoyed and downright angered by the cost of fuel! What was once easily manageable has become somewhat of a nightmare for everyone from the singleton to the family man to the elderly; the costs of petrol have been difficult to contend with for a while. Over the past few months there has however been a drastic change in the cost of petrol as prices have begun lowering but is this all too good to be true?

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