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Haulage Tips – Taking Precautions in the Winter Months

Well it’s that time again when we all put some extra layers on and take precautions to ensure we stay safe and warm on the roads. Whether you’re taking return loads back to where you started out from, or transporting cargo to another location, you need to spend that little bit of extra time ensuring you have a safe load to transport.

Do Return Loads Have a Marked Effect on Our Carbon Footprint?

The haulage industry is responsible for transporting both outgoing jobs and return loads every day of the year to and from all manner of destinations. Most companies will do everything they can to run a cost effective operation, which is why return loads are a desirable alternative to running a lorry or trailer home empty.

No Fuel Duty – Good News!

There are many ways in which hauliers can plan for a more efficient business. Securing return loads to avoid empty journeys is one of them. But there is no doubt that reduced fuel duty has a big effect on every business in this industry.

Making Connections and Staying Organised in the Haulage Industry

Driving all over the place delivering goods for several clients on one trip? Many drivers in the haulage industry must complete transport contracts with complex routes and delivery requirements. Groupage – the combination of several transport contracts on one trip in order to maximise the usage of space – and return loads – picking up goods at your first destination and returning with them to your point of origin – can really make delivery a confusing and complicated task.

Make the Most of Your Fuel

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change projects that the price of fuel will increase in the coming decade, making the cost of transporting goods set to increase as well. However, there are many ways you can increase the chances of a good return. Loads can be grouped, trips can be carefully routed to ensure minimum distance travelled, and working to bring in return loads can double the contracted goods over nearly the same distance travelled.

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