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Tips For Driving a Car With a Manual Transmission

Driving a car with a manual transmission is a great deal more difficult than an automatic transmission as you have to learn how and when to change your gear manually. We have a few tips for you when driving in a car with a manual transmission.

Health and Safety Compliance For The Benefit Of Road Users

What cost should be allocated for saving lives on the nation’s highways? With so much emphasis on Health & Safety in the workplace and on employers to ensure strict compliance, why is this not extended to the highway network for the safety of all road users?

Tips to Save Money at the Car Dealership

Purchasing a car, especially from a professional, can seem like an impossible thing to do when you are trying to get the price you want. Here are a few ways to be prepared so you can leave the lot with a car you feel confident in and so the purchase also didn’t eat your entire wallet.

A Guide On Car DVR

There is a rapid increase in the car accessories with the passage of time. One such an accessory is car DVR, although only few people are aware of it. This article discusses it generally and what should be considered when buying it. Car DVR is a type of video camera that is placed in the car. It mostly comes in pairs, which are placed at different angles in the car. In addition, it also acts as a rear view and front view mirror and records everything that goes around the car. This is mostly used in television shows featuring road trips.

Cost-Effective Business Fleet

Many businesses depend upon their fleets to be up and running at any given time so that they can get the work done. This is going to take some effort on your part, but once you have things set up properly, you will find that they tend to run smoothly for the long term.

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