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Women Within the Auto Industry

The auto industry has long been considered a man’s world. On the highest level, women are now taking senior positions from their male counterparts at boardroom level and in engineering and research and development. In the article you will find 3 examples for successful women in the automotive industry.

LED Work Lights for Industrial and Commercial Use

As technology becomes more advanced, more innovative ways to accomplish the same purpose are being created every day. For example, construction workers or any heavy equipment machinery that work and operate at night needs sufficient lighting to effectively do their jobs properly. Old fashioned incandescent halogen lamps do the job, but require a large amount of electrical energy and they are not that efficient in providing light. More efficient forms of lighting such as LED lights are becoming more and more popular among industrial and commercial vehicles as a reliable lighting source.

Repairing the Interiors and Canopies of a Boat

Boating is an extremely popular form of relaxation all over the world. Boats are available in different sizes, from small speed boats to luxury yachts. No matter what kind of vessel you own, it is important to make sure that it is properly maintained.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Auto Leasing?

Over the years, more and more people are starting to realize the great benefits car leasing can offer them. Especially when it comes to financing our personal needs, we all want to get our money’s worth. While there are people who can afford to pay the vehicle’s full price, there are those who can only purchase a brand new car through installment payments.

The Evolution of BMW Angel Eyes

The angel eyes (or corona rings as BMW calls them) are a very distinguishable feature on the 21st century BMWs. Angel eyes are simply a fiber optic that encircles the headlight projector or reflector housing that is powered by a light at the beginning of the system. This revolutionary type of light styling was unheard of at the time and completely changed the game for the better. While these lights were originally used as running lights at night with the headlights, these became the standard daytime running lights on the newer BMW models. Not only do these corona rings serve a functional purpose, they are also visually appealing and give BMW vehicles their unmistakable appearance.

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