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New To Parking Systems? 5 Tips To Help You Manage

A natural trend in the modern era is having a parking system in place. A parking management system in place reduces security risks, increases revenue, uses areas more productively, control and so much more. Here are five basic tips to effectively manage parking systems, people, and enjoy the process, too.

NAFTA and Used 18 Wheelers Created a New Marketplace

A new marketplace for used 18 wheelers and entrepreneurs was created during a steady and continued increase in demand for long-haul trucking services that began with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the early 1990s. The demand for trucking services is expected to continue increasing through 2018.

Lift Installation – 2 Post Surface Mount

The first part of a successful lift installation is the location of the lift within the bay. It is a good idea to allow for at least a 18′ Vehicle, if you are working on larger vehicle you will need to take that into consideration, most often a work bench or tool box will be in the front of the bay, this will require a 30″ space in the front of the bay.

Wrong Fuel In The Car – That Wouldn’t Happen To Me Would It?

Until recently, I hadn’t really heard much of the phenomenon of misfuelling – otherwise known as putting the wrong fuel in the car. However, in recent days I have been told of not one but two acquaintances who managed to be unfortunate enough as to do just that.

Misfuelling Emergencies

With an estimated 150,000 cases a year in the UK, the chances are that you or someone you know has suffered from misfuelling. That’s once every three and a half minutes that someone, somewhere in the UK accidentally fills their tank with the wrong type of fuel. A big problem when you consider that the average repair bill totals 7000 pounds and is not generally covered by insurance policies.

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