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Is Diesel Better For The Environment?

For as long as there have been drivers on the road, there have been constant complaints over fuel. From diesel to petrol, consumers have debated and will no doubt continue to do so, over the cost, efficiency and environmental impact of both. It seems however that, to this day it is diesel which continues to suffer the most.

Elderly Drivers: Important Advice

Whether you consider yourself the next Lewis Hamilton or a newbie that is still learning the ropes, I am sure you will all agree that being a driver requires an incredible amount of skill. From knowing how to operate a car to understanding what the best thing is to do when faced with an onslaught of heavy traffic, driving is a great skill and once you have it; it will stay with you for years on end. As such an important part of life and for many and as a skill that makes completing everyday tasks so much easier, driving…

Fuel Analysis: What Does an Octane Rating Really Mean?

We have three choices when we fill our vehicles: regular, plus, and supreme, all of which have different octane ratings. This article gives a fuel analysis to explain the ins and outs of octane numbers.

Types of Automotive Fluids That No Vehicle Can Go Without

Learn which types of automotive fluids your vehicle needs to be in a safe and operational condition at all times. You can put yourself and your passengers in jeopardy by not implementing regular scheduled car maintenance as the owners’ manual suggests.

A Review of the Second Generation Chevrolet Aveo

A look at the second generation of Chevrolet’s Aveo model. The review looks at styling, safety, driveability and the closest market contenders and alternatives.

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