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Selling Your Vehicle on Craigslist?

Do you plan on selling a personal vehicle soon? If so Craigslist is a very convenient automotive classifieds website that allows you to post for free and get your vehicle seen by hundreds of potential buyers.

Valuing Used Golf Cars and Making the Deal

Whether you are an avid golfer and are looking for a way to quickly enjoy your favorite sport, or you need a way to get around your large property, a golf cart may be just what you need. The best way to get a good deal is to purchase one used. They are always cheaper than brand new ones, and are usually in really good shape.

Taking Advantage Of Buying Used Cars

Purchasing used cars can have several advantages over buying new models. The main advantage is the price difference, because new vehicles depreciate as soon as they leave the auto dealership.

How to Protect Yourself When Renting a Car

You may be surprised to learn what you are liable for when renting a car. Learn a few simple steps you can do to prevent an insurance claim after renting a vehicle.

California VIN Verifications – When Are They Required?

A VIN verification is an important part of registering your vehicle in California. Discover what type of transactions require VIN verifications and who is authorized to complete the verification.

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