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Honda Clarity 2016: Eco-Friendly Driving

Honda Clarity is an innovative concept, tinkered by Honda Corporation for years. Honda has invested heavily in fuel cell vehicles for decades. It’s unveiling its latest fuel-cell car for spring 2016. Clarity Fuel Cell is a comfy 4-door sedan, with orthodox styling. With new optimizations, Honda Clarity is powered with a 174-horsepower engine with 221 lb-ft of torque. The latest Honda Clarity delivers a decent drive. It’s powerful, comfortable and delivers a net range of 400 miles; it’s apt for long drives. Hydrogen stations are still rare on public roads. As mentioned earlier, slated for release in United Kingdom, fuel-cell filling stations are just 11 as of yet. It will still take a decade or so for them to make a mark on world automotive market.

AUDI Q3 2016: Moderately Priced Sedan

Summary The cabin of Audi Q3 2016 is built solidly. Coupled with MMI infotainment system deployed with fast response, crisp graphics, it also features an internet connection. The MMI controller, mounted on its dashboard is less instinctive as opposed to its console controller. Moreover, its turbocharged engine has considerable room for improvement. With state-of-the-art tech deployed, along with a premium feeling, the new Audi has raised the bar for competition in terms of cabin space, performance, drive and efficiency. Audi Quattro 2016 delivers a decent drive. It’s quiet cabin, on-road performance and crossover works in its favor. Compared to industry’s rivals, it falls slightly lower of expectations compared to BMW X1 Drive28i 2016.

Concerns About Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars have been in the pipeline for quite sometime now and they could be available in the market soon. There have been genuine cases made for the viability of those new cars.

Autonomous Cars by Nissan

Gone are the days when the thoughts of an autonomous car were seen as the greatest stride towards the future. Nowadays, a high number of manufacturing companies have embarked in the production of these types of cars which are set to hit the market in a couple of years. Nissan which happens to be one of the best selling and internationally acclaimed car manufacturer, has embarked on a mission which if all goes to plan, will see the first autonomous car hit the market by 2018.

The New Automobiles

Even the wonderful new cars for sale can be improved with a push by creative minds. Here are a few ideas.

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