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Maruti Alto 800 – India’s Most Favourite Car

India’s most favourite small car, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, has once again repeated its own history by making an incredible sales record. This small car has helped its company immensely in gaining the top slot in the Indian markets. Although, Alto 800 has a few drawbacks; it has managed to overcome all those issues and effectively attracted small car lovers with its irresistible pricing, features, and style. It is equipped with a 0.8-litre engine with petrol and CNG fuel options. Its fuel efficiency of 30.46km/kg (for the CNG variants) has impressed and attracted many individuals.

Winter Driving in the City

This is some basic useful information on city driving in the winter. From cleaning off the snow on your car to digging yourself out this is a very helpful article.

History of Taxi Cabs

The 20th century found motor cars becoming more prevalent on city streets. As they did, some owners started hiring their cars out. These cars were electric and not gas powered initially, but people were opting to pay for a ride in a car rather than a horse and buggy at that time.

Mitsubishi L200 Is The Real Barbarian

Vehicle’s tough nature is revealed every now and then through the plastic made dashboard, the dials are blue-lit and the steering wheel is styled in a sporty manner. The provision of full-colour touch screen satellite navigation is also available as an option.

Features That You Should Look For In Your Next Car

Are you in the process of purchasing a new car or replacing your existing car? When you are buying a new car you should make sure that your next car has all the latest features so that you don’t have to look for an upgrade for at least quite some time after your purchase.

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