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Common Oil Change Myths Exposed

You may think you need an oil change every 3,000 miles, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Here are a few other myths involving this important part of vehicle maintenance.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Used Car?

Buying your next used car is definitely exciting, but it also involves having to make some hard choices. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to buy or lease the vehicle. Here’s some information to help you weigh your options.

Are You Shipping a Car?

The term of car shipping is the movement of a motor vehicle from one point to another. Many people around the world nowadays decide to ship their car with them when moving abroad whether it’s emigrating, a relocation move or more rarely, a student moving back home. In order to do this, a shipping company is required and one that can meet the customers’ needs to move their motor vehicle whether it’s a car, jeep or van.

Should You Outsource Your Fleet Operations to a Commercial Truck Service?

It’s no secret that companies are busier than ever. Businesses are cutting costs and outsourcing functions such as fleet management and freight to a commercial truck service so that they can move on to more essential tasks.

The Evolution of Car Dealers in the Face of New Modern-Day Technology

The days of mom and dad’s style of car shopping are gone. In their day, buyers would visit many dealerships to compare and shop for vehicles. Today, buyers visit, on average, less than two.

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