Subwoofer Upholstery Mistakes to Avoid! #shorts

Battery Jump Starters – Three Reviews: Black and Decker, Peak, and Stanley

There are many different types and brands of battery jump starters. Three of the top jump starters, Black and Decker, Peak, and Stanley, are reviewed here.

Car Designs: 3 of the Most Embarrassing Car Designs of All Time

Car designs are a result of vivid imagination. Some are unconventional but have been largely accepted by the public. Others have gone against the grail and think outside the box albeit with disastrous consequences.

What Are Rubber Tracks And How Helpful Are They?

Rubber tracks play a major role at different situations and at different locations. A rubber track is a surface laid onto another surface, which is usually uneven. Rubber provides a good grip and prevents slipping. For example, excavators use rubber tracks rather than steel tracks. Steel tracks damage the entire path where as a rubber track takes the shape of the uneven surface and prevents any damage to both the surface as well as the machine. As the machine travels with ease, they also consume less fuel in comparison to those that use steel tracks.

Removing Window Stickers – Heat Free: The One Thing You Must Do To Avoid Scratching The Glass

Question: There are a bunch of stickers on the windows of the car I just purchased. How do I get those off without damaging my “new” car? Answer: Glass has one big advantage to many other surfaces. You don’t necessarily need to use heat to remove decals from it. However, you can use heat if you choose to, a hair dryer on high heat or a heat gun on low heat will both suffice. However, I’ve removed thousands of stickers and graphics from vehicle windows as well as from storefront windows or the like, and it is much easier to use a razor blade scraper than heat to remove stickers.

Applying Decals Before a Big Rain Storm or After Waxing My Car? Will They Fall Off or Wash Away!?

Question: Should I put a decal on the hood of my car before or after I wax it? Answer: Yes. You can do either without any problems, although there are some who advocate stripping the car down and waxing it first because then, when you want to remove the sticker, it is not going to have an area that looks different from the waxed area where the decal came from.

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