Nippon 9 pro plus and Blaupunkt DH06 camera in Xuv 300

Car MP3 Players: A Must for Music Lovers!

MP3 players have become very popular among music lovers. There are vast varieties of MP3 players available in the market for everyone. Car MP3 players are also in great demand because they can store large number of songs. They also have additional features like FM transmitter, remote control, and Bluetooth.

Maintaining Your Car’s Electrical System

Today, more than ever, cars are reliant on a car’s electrical system to run properly. And with the tendency of many owners to add aftermarket accessories to their car, it’s more important than ever to look after this system.

LED Bulbs That Make Your Cars Glow

LED or light-emitting diode has become very common and is extensively used for automotive lighting, general lighting, advertising, traffic signals, and aviation lighting. They are considered to be one of the best options as they are very bright and energy efficient.

Tread Carefully – Teaching About the New EU Tyre Labelling System

Tyre condition is one of the most important safety aspects of driving a car. Driving Instructors need to keep up to date with new regulations so they can pass this information onto pupils as we prepare them for driving after the test. Let’s have a look at the new EU labelling system and how teaching this can be incorporated into driving lessons.

Audi A8 Quattro Car Review

What makes the A8 stand out is the interior quality which is very good, an innovative switchgear and muscular engine. It entails a Drive Select system that electronically adjusts steering weight, throttle response, damper settings and the shift points on the 8-speed automatic transmission. Best about this is that engine torque is divided unequally between the rear wheels effectively “pushing” the car around bends. It is a high-end sedan priced at 63690 GBP.

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