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5 Facts About The UK Driving Test You Never Knew – Part One

Recently, the UK driving test celebrated its 80th anniversary. In part one of this two part series, the first five obscure facts about the practical driving exam you probably never knew are revealed.

Special Needs and the Theory Test

An article reviewing the assistance on offer for candidates with special needs taking the theory test. Article provides coverage of voiceovers, services on offer for those with reading difficulties and other ailments.

New to the UK? Need a Driving Licence? You Need To Take a Theory Test

If you have recently immigrated to the UK to live and/or work and you require a driving licence, you’ll need to take a UK theory test. This handy guide will help you.

Important Rules Set for MOT Tyre Wear

The Ministry of Transportation administers the tire wear rules. It is a safety hazard to drive your car around on worn tires. There are acceptable safety limit standards for tires which the MOT sets. Each time a vehicle is being checked for licensing, the ministry conducts an inspection that includes the tires. When your tyre does not comply with MOT requirements, it is important to get a new set of tyres so that the MOT will consider your tyres roadworthy. The following are the rules set by the MOT for tyre wear.

Tips to Make Your Electric Fuel Pump Run Longer

The electric fuel pump, located inside the fuel tank, is an integral part of any vehicle’s fuel delivery system. It is an expensive spare part to purchase. As it is located inside the tank, one needs to remove the entire tank to fix or replace damaged electric fuel pump. For this reason, fixing and replacing it is a very complicated task and is expensive. Therefore, to avoid expenses of purchase and replacement, proper care and maintenance is necessary.

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