Radio Wiring Harness – How to Install like a PRO

Features of Mitsubishi’s New Limited Edition Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi has recently launched a limited edition model of the SUV Pajero Sport. This new car has a completely different exterior and moderately similar interior compared to its predecessors.

Why Is An FR More Expensive Than An FF?

Why is an FR always more costly than an FF? This is truly an interesting topic. There is quite a possibility that the manufacturers deliberately adopt FR to the high-end cars to make it sporty and high-class. But today let’s reveal the technical reasons.

Choosing an Anti-Theft Device to Protect Your Precious Car

You may always have the uncertainty of leaving your car parked somewhere and have the fear of losing it to a theft. This world is very cruel and nobody can guarantee that your car won’t get robbed. You need to be proactive and think smart.

How to Wire Up the Relay Harness for LED Fog Lights and Other Applications

This is a guide to show you how to wire up your relay harness to power up your LED fog lights, LED daytime running lights or other applications. It may seem complicated at first, but once you understand which wires go to which location, you will realize that the entire process is pretty straightforward.

Secrets of the Airbag

An airbag is a vehicle safety device, consisting of a flexible fabric envelope or cushion designed to inflate rapidly during a crash. Since 1998, all new cars sold in the United States have been required to have airbags on both driver and passenger sides. And now, statistics show that airbags reduce the risk of dying in a direct frontal crash by about 30 percent. Thus, it makes us wonder how the balloon-like device works to protect us in the accident. Now, I would like to explain it to you.

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