Choose BEST Subwoofer for YOU – Thiele / Small Parameters Advanced Lesson

Volkswagen to Add a Mid-Sized SUV to Its 2016 Lineup

Volkswagen will be filling a hole in its vehicle lineup in 2016. It will begin producing a mid-sized SUV based off of its CrossBlue concept that it displayed at the 2013 Detroit auto show.

Volkswagen’s 2015 Golf TDI Upgrades Continue Its Tradition of Excellence

The Golf is one of Volkswagen’s most important models – and the 2015 Golf TDI doesn’t skimp on the little details. Here’s a first look at how the new model moves the brand forward.

Spring Car Care Tips

Ahh spring, a wonderful reminder that those days spent scraping ice of the windscreen, having to wear gloves to touch the steering wheel and worrying over dangerous driving conditions will soon be gone. As the colder weather slowly starts to disappear so do the bad moods of many, including drivers who are no doubt looking forward to the sweet relief of having a little less to worry about.

Open Doors With Driving Lessons

Learning to drive can be a great way to revitalise your life. You can use the skill to visit new places and even turn it into a career where you control the shots.

What’s Behind The Performance Of A Vehicle’s Chassis?

When evaluating a car, we usually hear statements like “good handling” or “nice comfort”. Then how to identify and test the so-called handling and comfort of a vehicle? Here we are going to talk about an important equipment called Kinematics & Compliance rack (K&C rack for short) and let it reveal the secrets behind the vehicle’s performance.

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