120″ 4K Projector 5.1.2 DIY Home Theater Install COMPLETE! Gear Overview & Lessons Learned

Choosing A Quality Driving School

Learning to drive can be very exciting, at the same time very scary subject. with so many driving schools and independent driving instructors out there, it’s not easy choosing a good one. There are many driving instructors who either, do not have experience or the qualification, or are only interested in your money. We give you the low down on choosing a good one and staying away from the bad ones.

Volkswagen Dubchat

No more worries about special effects, on location reporting, green screens or high tech video studios because VW has taken all these video shorts to a whole new and very car relevant level. Make sure you watch all the Dubchat videos and watch for new ones through the VW website, and do not stop here with your understanding and learning of VW and their models and features, stop in at your local Volkswagen dealer today and check them out for yourself.

A Look at Iconic Cars Throughout the Years

Most cars do not stay around forever which results in many motors coming and going out of the spotlight. However some are so magnificent and iconic that they are etched into the history of motoring even after the last model has come off its production line. Even better still some have been reinvented and still appear in today’s market. So here is a look at some of the greatest cars throughout history.

How and Why Is The ASEAN Automotive Market Doing So Well?

The developing countries of Asia are enjoying a boom, and this is especially noticeable in the ASEAN automotive market. ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) comprises eleven independent countries which work together to improve the lives of all their citizens.

Flat Rate Fraud – The Truth

It was a day I will never forget. I had been a technician helper during my entire 2 year co op with Floyd College and the Ford Asset program.

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