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How to Choose a Reputable Used Car Dealer

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle to transport your relatives around after a new addition to your family, or you are searching for a replacement for your old vehicle that is on its last legs, finding a reputable car dealer is almost as difficult as choosing the vehicle you want. There are many garages that sell second-hand vehicles all over the country, but there is a lot of competition in the used car sales niche which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The positive is that competition…

Factors to Take Into Account When Searching for a Used Car

Purchasing a new vehicle is both exciting and stressful, with many things to think about including finding a model that not only looks great but also is reliable and a good investment of your money. When picking out a vehicle, there are some distinct criteria that you should apply to guide you in your choice. The first factor to think about is your budget.

Study Shows That BMW Drivers Are the Most Aggressive and Hated by Other Motorists – True or False?

During my time as a marshal at a road racing event, the first thing we would tell drivers was that there ought to be ‘no hooning’. You can be described as a hoon if you drive a car in an anti-social manner according to your society, and this includes but is not limited to practices such as over-speeding, disregarding traffic rules and driving dangerously causing other motorists to feel uncomfortable and enraged. When Car Throttle, a British media platform for car enthusiasts conducted a research entailing 7,500 respondents, BMW drivers topped as the most disliked ones at 41%. Likewise, when VoucherCodesPro conducted a similar research of 2,837 U.K motorists, BMW drivers were pointed out to be the most aggressive, and another research by the University of California pointed out that while fancy cars were less likely to stop to allow pedestrians to pass, BMW drivers were the worst. In a 2008 campaign, Audi labelled BMW owners as “techno music lovers, inconsiderate and arrogant”. Is this the reality or could these reports simply be inaccurate or overstated?

All for a Safe & Secure Ride to School – Things to Consider While Purchasing a School Bus

The topmost priority of a school bus service is to ensure the comfort and safety of children. It is essential that the relevant authorities scrutinize all the details carefully before zeroing in on a bus.

The Different Values of a Car Dealership

The “appraised value” of a dealership is not the same as its “sale value.” An appraised value is hamstrung by rules, guidelines and probabilities, while actual sales values are not.

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