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5 Reasons to Convert Your Vehicle to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

Healthy and green fuel alternatives are creating a buzz as sustainability has become a popular topic of conversation in media and government. Traditional fuel is becoming more expensive, and many people are looking for alternatives that are not only cheaper, but also better for the environment.

Hypermiling, What Is It Really?

Hypermiling is a method of driving that increases fuel efficiency. The method uses various factors that the driver can control in order to reduce fuel usage.

4 Tips for Properly Installing Accessories of Your Car

There are a lot of electrical car accessories that will improve your car’s look. These include navigation systems, car alarms, stereos and horns. When you have already purchased an electrical accessory for your car, you want to visit a garage shop to get that installed. However, if you wish to save some money, you actually have the option to install it yourself. As long as you have the basic knowledge on wiring, you are ready to go.

What To Do When You Need A Fuel Removal Service

Fuel removal is necessary when you have misfuelled your vehicle. This means putting petrol into a diesel engine or, diesel into a petrol tank. It is a problem that affects people all over the UK every day.

4 Ways of Recycling Plastic Car Parts

Manufacturing cars include the use of different kinds of materials that include plastics. Recycling car parts made of plastic will give benefits to the environment as the process will minimize the amount of noxious gases and petroleum waste released to the air. In a number of cases, depending on your plastic car part’s condition, it is possible for you to sell the parts so that another auto shop or individual can use it. While there can be some local recycling centers that do not recycle plastics on cars, recycling plastic car parts can still be possible through a number of ways. Here are some things that you can do.

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