Nippon Android stereo For Toyota Innova crysta

How To Adjust A 2-Cycle Carburetor

A two cycle engine is an engine that has a complete power cycle in the two piston strokes, namely the upper stroke and the down stroke. The upper cycle compresses the fuel mixture and ignites it at the stroke top. It is exhausted when the down stroke begins. A new fuel mixture gets introduced at the bottom of the down stroke into the cylinder and the cycle begins all over again.

You Think Your Traffic Is Bad? Ha!

Yes, traffic is bad, but it could always be worse. Except maybe in Mexico City.

Three Things To Consider With Car Financing

When buying an auto, most people need the help of car financing. Here are three things to consider when taking out the loan.

3 Ways to Prep Pre-Owned Cars for Winter

Pre-owned cars are the more budget-friendly option when it comes to transportation, but not taking care of your car has serious implications! Check out these three quick ways to prepare your car for winter weather.

Economical & Fuel-Efficient Cars From the House of Suzuki

There is no denying that there lies a dire need for cost-effective and fuel efficient cars in India. The Japanese automobile giant Suzuki, in association with the Indian brand Maruti, has come up with various options, to cater to these precise requirements of the average consumer. In fact, in terms of price, quality of the ride, fuel-efficiency, and customer service, Suzuki seems to outrun its competitors.

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