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How To Choose Reliable Used Cars

It is possible to find many different used cars that can adequately meet your needs. You just have to do your research and shop smart.

Fleet Based Commerce Vehicle Safety Tips

There is a megalith cross section of companies the world over who rely on their fleets of vehicles from motor cars to huge trucks for commercial viability. Courier companies, emergency services, taxi services, large sales representative staff numbers to name but a few. It is not far reached to assume that there are vast costs for such companies in the in the acquisition and insurance of these vehicles. It is, however, part of their societal responsibility of such enterprises to ensure the road worthiness and safety of not only their staff but other road users as a whole.

Carnage on South African Roads

Let’s face it, we all believe we are the best driver since Niki Lauda but under the immense pressure of unforeseen and very unexpected events on the road, our vehicles should be in mint condition so that even if the worst should come to the worst the last thing we need to worry about is mechanical failure due to neglect of proper maintenance. No brilliance of defensive driving and advanced driving courses can stop your brakes from failing because your car hasn’t been for a service in the last couple of years.

A Brief Look Into The History of the Automobile

The history of the automobile (car) starts around 1769. Steam engine autos were created were the first method of human transport. The first internal combustion engine appeared in 1807 and this led to the modern gasoline or petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine in 1885. The year 1886 is regarded the year of birth of the modern car as we know it today with the Benz Patent Motorwagen by the German inventor Karl Benz. Anyone recognise that name perchance?

Ignition Coil – Why Is It Important to Buy a Good Quality One?

Ignition coil is a small but an important part in a vehicle’s ignition system. Without it, your car would not start. One good thing about ignition coil is that even if it fails, it is easy to find one and replace it yourself. However, choosing a reliable one plays a key role in ensuring optimal functionality of the ignition system. To make sure that you do so, you need to learn about its function, types, and things to consider before buying in order to get a best deal. Let us discuss here the details.

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