Nippon android stereo fitted in Hyundai venue

Make the Most of Your Trip to the Car Dealer: 3 Time-Saving Tips

Heading to your local car dealer to shop for a new car is a fun experience. Make it even better by following these three time saving tips to make the most out of buying a new vehicle.

Used Car Dealers Are Great Resources For Your Child’s First Vehicle

Many parents decide to buy their children a vehicle for a variety of reasons, from good grades to necessity. Used car dealers are always a great choice when making this important purchase.

5 Important Questions To Ask Used Car Dealers

In the market for a used vehicle? Here are five questions you should always ask dealers before you sign on the dotted line.

12 Road Safety Tips You Probably Wouldn’t Think Of

We all know the basic road safety tips – buckle up, observe road signs, don’t speed, watch for wildlife yada, yada. But here are 12 road safety tips that are a bit outside of the box and you’re not likely to think of.

Continuously Variable Transmission: A Revolutionary Design

In this article we explore the world of the Continuously Variable Transmission. There are two major types we want to go over so let’s dive in.

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