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Defensive Driving and Avoiding Auto Accidents

Most of the traffic accidents can be avoided if you drive safely. This article walks you through the defensive driving rules and best practices as recommended by Pro Defensive Drivers and is based on a solid and proven practice of accident-free driving collected during decades of driving on real roads.

What Are the Most Reliable Transport Trucks?

All the power and drive in the world won’t get you very far without a reliable truck, but what does a reliable truck mean to you? You might want a truck that can long haul like nobody’s business; you might want a truck that can withstand an oncoming freight train; or you might want a truck that’s got leather seats that will stop cracking so fast. Whatever your requirements, there are trucks out there for you.

Tips to Find the Best Car Parts

Repairing your car can be one of the most frustrating tasks as you’d probably not have a vehicle to travel with and buy the necessary parts. Moreover, you’re going to need your car for everything right from dropping your kids off at school to driving to work and buying the groceries and therefore you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life without it. If at all you need to replace any part of your car, you must give used car parts a try as they are usually very good and you’d be able to…

Crash Test Dummies

Lives are very precious and we don’t generally think about safety when we sit in a vehicle. We can take this for granted, however we thankfully have the detailed research carried out by car manufacturers and crash test dummies to help prevent serious injuries.

2013 Honda CR-V Car Review

“Either the packaging is utterly brilliant, or Honda has sacrificed someplace. After seeing it next to other cars however, I am having a difficult time seeing any sacrifice, so maybe it is packaged that well.” Mike Febbo, Motor Trend Associate editor said in his comments on its design. Given that the ‘old’ CR-V won a 2010 comparison test against greater competitors like Subaru Forester and Hyundai Tucson, coupled with the fact that the 2012 model was ranked third among other crossovers by the Motor Trend magazine leads us to the thinking that this might just be the unspoken giant of the crossovers.

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