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High Quality Cutting Edges Are the ‘Be All and End All’ for Your Excavator

High quality cutting edges are the ‘be all and end all’ for your excavator because it disrupts the hard material and also helps to avoid the wear and tear of the bucket. The cutting edge is an extended part above the excavator teeth. This is the part of the machine which is likely to feel the most strain, which is why its maintenance of this part should be a main priority.

How Does a Product Development Research Support a Business?

A true understanding about customer’s needs and expectations, current market trends and competitors helps a business to launch a new product or modify the existing product line successfully without a fear of failure. Product design and development research can help you identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes. This article throws light on the importance of conducting market research in product development.

How to Be Ready for an Inevitable Car Breakdown in Highway or Byways

Most of us assume that car breakdowns happen to other people as we pass them by the road. Statistics show that no one is immune from these breakdowns so follow this article to prepare yourself for just such an eventuality.

An Overview of Flexible Fuel Technology

Flexible fuel technology provides a better fuel productivity with a mix of gasoline and ethanol. The pressure inside the engine changes to adjust to diverse fuel mixes. This, together with the utilization of turbochargers, makes it practically as proficient as a diesel engine, as indicated by its developers.

Role of Fuel Delivery System in Storage and Supply of Fuel to Engine

The fuel delivery system (FDS) plays an important role in the functioning of a vehicle. It stores and supplies fuel to the vehicle’s engine. The FDS comprises three sets of major components – the fuel tank, the lines and the filters. Read the article to know more about these three major components.

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