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Mini Cooper Vs Fiat Abarth 500 – Is Mini Cooper Still All-Conquering or Is the Abarth Much Better?

For a long time now, since it was reinvented in 2001 by BMW, seekers of a compact car have automatically chosen a Mini Cooper above any other competitor. Is this out of its engineering superiority, superb design or dynamic repertoire? Well, whatever it is Fiat is now up to the game but if it has to gain the upper hand then it’s not going to be achieved in a midsummer’s dream. Mini’s steering delivers precise, agile responses while the Fiat Abarth places old school thrills ahead of refinement. The Fiat car also feels so much responsive and faster, tearing along straights and accelerating out of corners like a demented terrier. The aspect that defines the Mini on the move is the steering, and this remains its biggest strength. It is also a firm ride compared to the Fiat, has more mileage but is largely underpowered. The Fiat however remains the most exciting to drive while Mini Cooper’s silhouette remains distinctively attractive with a retro yet modern styling that offers unparalleled appeal to young drivers. Of which car remains the vegetarian, the answer is in the article.

Kumho Solus KR21, A Tire For Reliability

Minivans, coupes, and sedans can all use the Kumho Solus KR21 standard touring all-weather tire. They are perfect for use on sport utility and crossover vehicles as well. This tire was designed to wear a long time and to provide easy handling and comfort; particularly on rain slick roads.

Hurricane Sandy: The Devastation of New Jersey and Its Impact on the Car Industry

Like most industries, the car industry was also affected by the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy. A lot of cars were either flooded-out or tree-flattened during the height of the storm’s fury. So, what does it mean for the industry? Let us take a closer look.

2013 Range Rover Car Review – The Ultimate Motoring Experience

This is a car like no other, particularly that it has the ability to repair itself. Well, at least initially. If that sounds great, then you will be spoilt by the massage parlour on the front seats, not forgetting that you can also sit in almost any manner you like – front seats can be adjusted in 20 different directions while massaging you in 5 different ways. With a lifestyle like this and a 29-speaker Harman car stereo you don’t need junk food to grow fat.

DIY Auto Survival Tips for The Holidays

Whether you drive around an “old banger”, or you sport around a brand new shiny set of wheels – the rain and snow of the winter weather will take their toll on your car. In just about everything, it’s always better to prevent than to cure things, and not to mention a lot cheaper. An in-home service that you do yourself for your car can help it become safer on the road where it’s more dangerous during winter season and holidays. Come spring, you’ll be able to avoid lots costly repairs. If worse comes to worst, it’s always a good thing that you have a Car Title Loan to back you up.

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