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Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Vehicle

Knowing the right fuel for your vehicle is very important. There are a number of fuel grades, octanes and additives available at gas stations. If you are not sure what fuel your car needs, you can check the specifications on the fuel cap or in the owner’s manual (the manufacturer will specify the type of fuel to use for your car).

Transportation Management Key to Competitiveness in Global Wireless Marketplace

There is an entire industry known as transportation management and logistics. Most companies today are not large enough to require their own logistical team and can potentially expand their markets by working with a partner.

Service Your Car

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere with your car broken down is probably a car owner’s worst nightmare. Do not ignore that serious red ‘check engine light’ reminding you to get your car serviced. While your car may still run smoothly, there are a lot of intricate details you may have missed out.

Auction and Lottery: Which Is a Better Method of Allocating Scarce Licenses?

In China, some major cities are restricting new car purchases so that they can cut down on traffic and pollution. According to reports, only a certain number of licenses to purchase cars will be granted. The cities have been experiment with various models for granting these licenses that feature either an auction of lottery method.

How to Choose The Best Tire Changer

When selecting a tire changer you must make sure the wheel clamping ability is large enough to service the size of wheels you intend on working with, if you are considering a jaw clamping design make sure the external clamping range is adequate, most manufactures of tire changers list the internal clamping capacity, however to clamp aluminum wheels without any visible damage, or to clamp a reverse drop center rim you should clamp them externally. A rim with a reverse drop center will need to be mounted up side down to keep the drop center closer to the top bead.

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