Which subwoofer output is best? Direct from Head Unit or DSP?

History of the BMW 3 Series

BMW is one of the most well sought after automobile brands in the world. They have an incredible reputation and are consistently ranked highly among Car and Driver. Find out how they got started, how much they cost, and more.

Automotive Advertising Agencies Must Redesign Themselves to Help With Social Networking

It is essential for an automotive company to change the way they inform their customers due to the Internet. With the ability to take a business to the Internet, you can market many of your services without additional costs. Concerns and remedies discussed at actual locations in the automotive field are having an effect on how the company markets itself.

2014 Predicted As Best Year to Buy Car Insurance in the UK

For car owners who have been putting off purchasing additional car insurance, this year could be the year to buy, and buy cheap. As late as 2013, insurance companies were plagued by fraudulent claims resulting from whiplash injuries. But since then, several investigations have been conducted to uncover fraudsters, making it more difficult to make false claims on car related injuries.

Oil Change Business In China – Does It Make Sense?

With the incredible number of automobiles being sold in China lately, over 20 million in 2013, would it make sense to set up a chain of quick lubes in the country? If so where? I mean China is “huge” and the regions are so different, just as the rural areas and cities may as well be on different planets. Well, for this case study let’s consider Southern China first. What sorts of difficulties might we come up against? Well, we ought to talk about that and then see where we ought to modify the business plan or strategy to move forward.

Mobile Oil Changing When It’s Colder Than a Witch’s Zit

Running a mobile auto services is business isn’t as easy as it looks. If you get stuck in traffic it is as if you are in a Taxi Cab with the meter running. You sit in traffic and lose money, pay for costly labor and then try to figure out how on Earth you are going to get back on schedule, sometimes you just can’t and then you have to learn how to maintain customers service while apologizing profusely, or you turn that over to a dispatcher with a really pleasant voice to calm down your client who also has important things to do than wait for you.

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